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5 Tips For Effective Snow Removal

February 19, 2017

There are few people in the world that know the struggle of snow removal as much as Canadians. Those on the East Coast have been getting a steady reminder this month and there is hardly a place in this country where they won’t be picking up a shovel before winter’s end. It can be a real hassle but it’s just one of the few downsides to living in the Great White North. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it easier on yourself. Follow these handy tips and make your snow removal days go a little smoother.

Mark off your driveway.

The first thing you should do, before the first snowflake falls, is to mark off your driveway or whatever area of your property you’ll be removing the snow from. This help to prevent you from possibly damaging your lawn or any other part of your property. You can easily and affordably buy these markers at just about any department store.

Buy the right shovel.

For every job, doing it the right way starts by getting the right tool. No one wants to spend a lot of money on a snow shovel but spending a little more will end up saving you in the long run. Flimsy plastic shovels can often break on you and bigger shovels can add some unnecessary excess weight. Of course, the type of shovel does depend on your removal needs, whether you’re picking up the snow or pushing it. In any case, spending a little more on a quality shovel is a good long-term investment.

Don’t wait too long.

It’s only natural to put off snow shoveling for as long as possible, hoping that the sun will come out and melt it all away. But waiting too long after a snow fall is just making more work for you. As the snow sits and settles, it becomes heavier and heavier. Getting to the snow removal as quickly as possible means it will be a faster process overall. If you’re expecting a large snowfall, it’s even a good idea to get out there before it’s done to cut down on the bigger job once it’s all fallen.

Watch where you pile your snow.

When you’re out there shoveling, you’re likely not focusing on where you throw the snow and more concerned with just getting it out of the way. However, having a little forethought into your snow removal can possible prevent some potential damages later on. You want to ensure you don’t pile your now near your foundation of the house or near wooden areas that might be susceptible to water damage. Avoiding these danger areas saves you a major headache later.

Rethink the snow blower.

Snow blowers are not a cheap purchase, especially is you want a quality one. You may feel like it’s just a lazy purchase and you don’t really need it, but think about all the time and energy you spend shoveling your driveway every winter. Snow blowers don’t mean you’ll never pick up a shovel again, but it makes the whole process so much easier, so much safer, and if you can afford it, it’s an investment that will payoff again and again.

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