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5 Tips For An Amazing Cruise Vacation

November 15, 2017

Thinking about trying a cruise vacation for the first time? Cruises are becoming very popular with boomer travellers, but there still a lot of people who are unsure if this is how they want to spend their hard-earned vacation. It’s true, cruises are a pretty unique getaway option and if you don’t approach it the right way it could make for a pretty unpleasant time. But like most things, a little pre-planning can make a lot of difference and have you ready to do the cruise scene right. Here are a few tips for you first-timers who are interested in the experience.

Do research into the right cruise.

Of course, which cruise you choose will make all the difference in how enjoyable the experience is. Sure there are the more popular and well-known cruises that others may have recommended to you, but are they inline with your travel interests? There are a lot of difference cruise options out there that offer a lot a variety of experiences, so it’s worth doing a little exploring and finding the one that most piques your interest. Think of the kind of vacation you want to have. Is it a family getaway, a romantic trip, or just a chance to see new parts of the world? Look into the port calls the cruise will be stopping in as well as the various onboard services and activities. The more you know ahead of time the more likely you are to find the right cruise.

Don’t let price come before comfort.

Another reason for hesitation for jumping on the cruise bandwagon is the price. It’s certainly not cheap to experience a cruise vacation, and it’s really not a situation in which you want to go for the cheapest option. When travelling, sometimes choosing a somewhat cheaper hotel for a short stay means you can spend a little more elsewhere. However, with cruises, you want to make sure the room and the ship are to your comfort level because once you get out on the water, there’s not a whole lot of other places you can go. Be willing to spend a little more if it means you can enjoy the whole experience.

Pack accordingly.

Packing for any trip is a difficult thing, but it becomes even more difficult for cruises. The challenge is that you need to pack for such a verity of events, activities and weather, it can be hard to know when you’re overdoing it and when you’re missing some essentials. Again, a little research and planning will really help you out. Look into the various clubs and events offered on the cruise and if this is a certain dress code for them. Also look at the port calls and what the weather is like this time of year. This will help to organize your packing needs a little more and make the whole process easier.

Plan the port calls wisely.

The port calls on the cruise are one of the best reasons to partake in this sort of vacation. You get to experience so many different areas without the hassle of driving or flying constantly. However, the one downside is that you only get a limited amount of time to explore each stop so you need to go in with a game plan if you want to make the most of your time. Have a few activities planned ahead of time when you arrive at a new city. Know how much time you have and how long these activities will take. Be sure you’ve planned for a safe cushion of time to return to the ship before heading back out again.

Meet new people.

Another unique aspect of the cruise vacations is just how social an experience it is. When visiting new cities in your travel, it’s not too often you meet new people. There might be the occasional interactions, but it’s largely you doing your own thing. While there is opportunity for that on cruises, they are really a great opportunity to share your travel experience with others and make new friends. You’re all on the boat and it’s fun to form a group of friends to enjoy the experience with.

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