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5 Effective Back Pain Remedies

July 27, 2016

The sad truth of the matter is that we’re all getting older. What came easy to us at one time in our lives will take a bit more effort when we age. Muscles get sore, joints ache and our bones aren’t as strong as they once were, which can all result in the occasional injury if we’re not careful.

One of the more common nuisances for boomers is back pain and it can be especially prevalent in the summer. You’re gardening, doing yard work or just being generally more active in the summer months so it’s not hard to pull a muscle or pinch a nerve. It can be a pretty painful injury and put you out of commission if it’s serious enough, but with the right care, it can also heal quickly. Check out these highly effective remedies that will have you back on your feet in no time.

Look into your workspace set-up.

While you may assume your back pain is the result of some physical labour, it’s just as likely you got it from sitting at your desk. Experts say that the way most people sit at their work desks promotes bad posture and makes them susceptible to back injuries. If you injure your back, it’s best to avoid such injury inducing environments. Ask your work about office ergonomics which helps make your workspace more efficient and less strenuous.

The hot-cold approach.

This is the tried and true treatment for many muscle problems, including back pain, and it’s still one of the most recommended remedies from doctors. Invest in a heating pad (they’re relatively inexpensive) and alternate between hot and cold on the affected area. The combination of temperatures helps to loosen the muscles and will help to speed the healing process.

Give your core a workout.

It’s not irrational to think about avoiding exercise when you’re suffering from back pain, but a lack of exercise might be what got you in this predicament in the first place. Experts say that strengthening your core helps to keep your back muscles strong and can help you avoid any further back problems. There are various core exercises that can benefit your back muscles, but one of the best and easiest is planking.

Change up your other exercises.

As much as it may feel like the only thing you can do with a sore back is lie on the couch, that’s probably the absolute worst thing for the healing process. It’s important to stay active and keep those muscles moving even if it may be a bit uncomfortable. Now that doesn’t mean you should stick to the same strenuous routine you do at the gym, but rather take it easy and go for long walks. It puts less strain on your back but still gets the desired effect of much-needed activity.

Examine your sleep situation.

How you’re sleeping can also have a big effect on your back muscles, so you may want to look into changing things up with your mattress. An old, lumpy mattress can wreak havoc on your back as you get older and it might be worth investing in a tempurpedic mattress which contours to your body to give you a restful and painless sleep. Also, experts say that sleeping with a pillow between your legs helps to keep your back straight and puts less strain on the muscles.

As always, consult your doctor for any further remedies for your back pain, and be sure to let them know if the pain worsens.

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