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4 Ways To Keep Your Bones Strong

December 6, 2017

Among the health concerns facing boomers as they age is the strength of their bones. Conditions like osteoporosis and arthritis threaten your bones’ strength which can be a terribly uncomfortable situation. Such medical conditions can seriously affect one’s mobility if severe enough. If you are concerned about how you might be able to prevent these types of conditions or want to know how to strengthen your bones, consult you doctor. In the meantime, here are a few methods to keep in mind.

Get educated.

Before going forward with anything, it is important to become as knowledgeable about these conditions as possible so you know what you are dealing with. You might have a vague idea about what these conditions are and their causes, but it’s best to ask your doctor so that you can see the full picture. Also ask your doctor about your risks for these conditions. Some people are more susceptible to issues with their bones than others, for example, women tend to suffer from osteoperosis more often than men. Knowing your risks can help you to better work at preventing them. finally, your family history is also a big factor in these cases. Looking into recent family medical history and telling your doctor will help become even more informed and gain a better understanding of how to proceed.

Eat the right food.

Almost every time we discuss healthy living on this site, the topic of what you are eating comes up. That’s not just us being lazy, there is very good reason for its repetition. Your diet is exceedingly impactful on your everyday health condition. If you eat bad food your health will be bad, if you eat good food it will be good. It might not a quite that simple but it’s close. And when it comes to building and maintaining strong bones, once again your diet plays a big role. There are certain types of foods that foods that by introducing into your diet can greatly improve the health of your bones. Protein is one example as your bones are half protein themselves. Fruits and vegetables always make appearances on lists like these and this list will be no different. Specifically, those containing Vitamin C and Potassium will be beneficial. Calcium and magnesium are some of the biggest contributors to strong bones and if you can pack your diet with them, you’ll be heading in the right direction.

Avoid the bad habits.

Of course, it’s not just the healthy foods that are added to your diet that are of concern, it’s also those unhealthy foods that need to be removed from your diet. Sugary foods should be cut way back or excised entirely. Sugar robs your body of some of those extremely valuable components like calcium, thus weakening your bones. Studies have also shown that too much consumption of alcohol can negatively affect the strength of your bones. While the occasion drink is fine for most people, ask your doctor if you should be cutting back for the sake of your bones. And while I hope not too many of you are still smoking at your age, it is one habit you’ll need to end now if you want to maintain the health of your bones. Ask your doctor about aides to help kick the habit for good.


Just as with your diet, regular and stimulating exercise will go a long way with just about any health issue you encounter. Building stamina for your bones can help strengthen them, keep them strong and help to avoid any injuries that might occur. Studies show that half an hour of moderate exercise on a daily basis can be extremely beneficial. This could include going for a jog, a hike, doing aerobics or a number of other cardio related workouts. If you are concerned about your ability to perform such exercises, consult your doctor.

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