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4 Reasons Organizational Leaders Leverage On Demand Talent

May 6, 2024

Since Covid there have been some big shifts in the labor force around the world, from the hybrid workforce model to the Great Resignation. As a result, the gap between ongoing talent demands and the talent supply has never been wider.

One way of addressing this talent gap challenge is through on demand talent. But what exactly is it?

Our definition of on demand talent is a fast, flexible, and cost-effective way to access the business expertise needed to solve problems and grow. It involves highly skilled independent contractors and business professionals offering their services to organizations on a fractional, interim or project basis.  Not all jobs need to be full time. It steers away from rigid recruitment models and offers organizations much greater flexibility in terms of sourcing talent.

Here are the 4 key reasons why organizational leaders leverage on demand talent.

  1. Accommodate changing project and business needs
    Expertise and skills needs can and do change and with this comes the need for new talent on board to help you meet those challenges. An experienced professional can immediately contribute positively to a project as opposed to someone in your internal team, who may simply not have the time, skills or knowledge to do so. This can help accelerate the delivery of project goals and outcomes, keeping your business lean and more productive.
  2. Level-up the quality of your talent
    By bringing in outside experts, you are enhancing and not diminishing the quality of your workforce. It is not about replacing your traditional employees but rather, it is the introduction of specialized skills and knowledge to your organization when it is needed.
  3. Protect your employees from burnout
    By hiring independent contractors to help on certain projects or assignments, overworked teams will feel supported and avoid burnout. And as a bonus the new contract talent can bring a fresh perspective and possible knowledge transfer to the team.
  4. Leveraging on demand talent improves cost-effectiveness
    In particular, your payroll and recruiting responsibilities will be lower as there will be no long-term, fixed commitment to hiring on a permanent basis but rather on an ad hoc basis when you need it. This affords you much greater flexibility than hiring permanent staff. It is also a much faster way to source the business talent you need when you need. 

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