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30 Super Bowl Facts To Get You Ready For The Big Game

February 3, 2017

Well, the big game is almost here. Super Bowl Sunday is just around the corner where we’ll see the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons go head to head for football’s greatest trophy. So if you want to impress your friends during the pre-game while eating nachos, why not study up on your Super Bowl trivia.

  1. It wasn’t until Super Bowl III that the term “Super Bowl” was officially used.
  2. There is no longer any existing footage of the first two Super Bowls.
  3. While the odds are close to 50/50, the opening coin toss has come up tails 26 times and heads 25 times.
  4. The highest watched Super Bowl was SB XLIX, which was in fact the most watch TV show ever.
  5. Roger Craig, Jerry Rice, Ricky Watters, and Terrell Davis share the record for most points scored in a single Super Bowl game, each with 3 touchdowns.
  6. The highest scoring Super Bowl was Super Bowl XXIX. San Francisco and San Diego had a combined 75 points.
  7. The lowest scoring game was Super Bowl VII with a combined 21 points between the Dolphins and Redskins.
  8. Peyton Manning is the only quarterback to start and win a Super bowl with two different teams.
  9. The Super Bowl has been moved once: In 1993 after Arizona voted against recognizing MLK Day as a national holiday.
  10. Terry Bradshaw is the most winning QB in Super Bowl history with 4 championships.
  11. The Pittsburgh Steelers has the most Super Bowl wins with 6.
  12. New England Patriots have the most Super Bowl appearances with 9.
  13. Only four current teams have yet to make it to the Super Bowl; Detroit, Jacksonville, Cleveland and Houston.
  14. Minnesota Viking and Buffalo Bills have the distinction of the most Super Bowl appearances without a win.
  15. The New York Jets last appeared in the Super Bowl in SB III.
  16. Tom Brady holds the records for most Super Bowl starts with 6 so far.
  17. Bill Belichick holds the record for most Super Bowl appearances for a coach with nine.
  18. Belichick and Tom Brady are the first coach/QB team to go to 7 Super Bowls.
  19. Packers lineman Bryan Bulaga is the youngest player to ever start a Super Bowl. He was 21 years and 322 days old.
  20. Ravens kicker Matt Stover was the oldest at 42 years and 11 days.
  21. Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers have met 3 times in the Super Bowl.
  22. Seven teams have won back-to-back Super Bowls.
  23. No team has ever won 3 consecutive Super Bowls.
  24. Super Bowl XLI was the only time the opening kickoff was returned for a touchdown.
  25. It is estimated that the only day in which more food is consumed in America is Thanksgiving.
  26. 33 Billion Chicken Wings To Be Eaten On Super Bowl Sunday
  27. Americans will buy 12.5 million pizzas on Super Bowl Sunday
  28. Jerry Rice has the most catches in a Super Bowl with 8
  29. Players on the winning team take home $97,000 per person, while each losing player pockets $49,000.
  30. There has never been a Super Bowl overtime

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