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3 Techniques For Effective Exercise While Your Age

May 10, 2017

There’s no debating the positive health effects that regular exercise provides you – and those benefits continue as you age. Studies have show that keeping up an exercise routine as you get older can help battle the inflammation and joint pain that plagues many older people.

However, it’s important to be aware of how you body has changed with your aging. The things your body could endure in your youth can now cause serious harm. Recognizing the ways in which your exercises need to change is vital to maintaining an effective regimen. Keep these techniques in mind and you can continue to safely benefit from regular exercise.

Build your workout gradually.

Starting into a new exercise routine can be daunting. It’s not a fun activity to undertake and we can usually find any number things you’d rather do than hit the gym or pick up those weights. However, when you do get back into a regular exercise routine, taking things slow is very important to doing it safely. Jumping in full-throttle can lead to injuries that will not only slow down any exercise routine, but could lead to more serious and long-lasting effects. By building your routine gradually, you allow your body to adapt to the increased physical activity and your muscles you strengthen to a point where more rigorous activity can be performed safely.

Make it a daily habit.

Another way of keeping your body prepared for regular exercise is to keep it regular. Daily exercise, even if it’s just 30 minutes of light exercise each day, can have tremendous effects for your health. Not only that, but keeping up a regular routine also helps to avoid those more common pains and injuries that boomers are encountering. Back pain, joint pain and sore muscles can be helped if those areas get a regular workout. Targeting these areas or any other problem areas in your daily routine can help to keep your muscles strong and healthy. Short and effective exercises every day can be greatly beneficial.

Keep things simple.

Intense workouts can leave you feeling fulfilled and with a sense of accomplishment, but at a certain age, you need to begin realizing that operating in a lower gear is probably going to leave you with better results. While you may have been able to handle the intensity of these types of workouts in your youth, it has been shown that high intensity workouts can directly cause inflammation. Doctors recommend older people try for more aerobic-styled exercises and try to stay away from high-impact activities. Even going for a run can cause serious lower-body issues. Swimming, biking, hiking – these are all safer workout methods that can still help keep you in shape.

As always. Consult with you doctor about which exercises are best for you and be safe!

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