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150 Reasons To Love Canada

June 29, 2017

Canada 150 is almost here so we thought this was a great time to take moment to celebrate some of the many wonderful things that make this country of ours such a great place to live. Our country is not perfect but there is still a lot to be thankful about and many reasons that you can proudly stand up and say “I am Canadian”. Let’s have a look.

  1. Health care. It can be easy to forget when you’re waiting hours to see a doctor, but these days especially, we shouldn’t take for granted the luxury of not having to worry about if you can afford to get sick.
  2. Fries, gravy and cheese curds. Is it healthy? Not by a long shot. Is it delicious? You betcha!
  3. Hockey. We’re good at it. Real good.
  4. The Stanley Cup. Yes, it’s been a while since a Canadian team brought it home, but you look at any team that has won in recent memory and you’ll find a boatload of Canadian players. Just ask Sidney Crosby, Kris Letang, Matt Murray and Chris Kunitz to name a few.
  5. Basketball. No, the Raptors didn’t win the championship but a Canadian invented the sport… that’s something.
  6. The Blue Jays. They struggle from time to time but how great is it to have a team the whole nation gets behind?
  7. Tims. Still the best coffee and donuts around.
  8. The weather. Yes, really. It’s a unique place where you can experience all four seasons in the same month.
  9. Our passport is accepted in a lot of countries.
  10. Each province can feel like you’re in a completely different country with it’s own culture, traditions and even language.
  11. Our rich, complex and complicated history makes us who we are as a country today.
  12. We are patriotic about the things worth being patriotic for.
  13. Real maple syrup.
  14. Our manners. Sure, you’ll run into the occasional jerk, but Canadian hospility is a thing of beauty.
  15. The “sorry”. If you run into someone you’ll say “sorry”. In Canada, if someone run into you, you’ll still say “sorry”.
  16. It’s clean. Seriously, look outside. Not too bad, eh?
  17. Not to steal America’s go-to but Canada has cultivated a society where people can be themselves free from intrusion.
  18. When travelling abroad, a Canadian flag is welcome almost anywhere.
  19. The Loonie. Can you imagine anything sillier than naming a national currency “the Loonie”?
  20. The Toonie. Oh yeah.
  21. Cottage country. Yeah, we have some beautiful big cities but when you want to get away from it all for a nice summer getaway, we’ve also got you covered.
  22. The water. Beaches, lakes, rivers. Beautiful
  23. The Rockies. We’re not the only ones who can brag about them but we’re sure happy to have them.
  24. Pick a place and I’ll show you a great view.
  25. Toronto and Vancouver. When Hollywood is looking for New York on the budget, guess where they come?
  26. Clean air. Not perfect but better than most.
  27. Going green. Again, we’ve got some way to go but Canada is treating global warming and climate change with the seriousness it deserves. Unlike some people. *ahem*
  28. We seem to have a knack for producing funny people. Like Martin Short, John Candy, Catherine O’Hara and Eugene Levy.
  29. Also Jim Carrey, Mike Myers, Dan Akroyd, Rick Mercer, Seth Rogen and Norm MacDonald.
  30. Don’t forget Lorne Michaels, Samantha Bee, Michael J. Fox, Phil Hartman, Rick Moranis, Dave Thomas, Dave Foley, Will Arnett, Leslie Nielsen, Rich Little, Brent Burtt, Harland Williams, Russell Peters, Shaun Majumber, Caroline Rhea, Mark Critch, Gerry Dee, Colin Mochrie. Yeah, we’re pretty funny.
  31. If you’re a fun of winter sports than Canada is the place for you.
  32. Ski hills. We have some of the best slopes in the world as well.
  33. Of course, Canadians know how to enjoy the warm weather too, and when it finally does heat up we really take advantage of it. No one appreciates a good summer more than a Canadian.
  34. Golf courses. You’ll find some of the best links in the world here as well.
  35. Watching those leaves change is a real spectacle around these parts.
  36. It’s so comically short it’s almost charming.
  37. Great Canadian phraseology. A winter hat? That’s a toque.
  38. You pay your electric bill? No, you pay your hydro.
  39. Don’t be asking for a zip code. It’s postal code around here.
  40. And if you’re heading to the liquor store you might want to pick up a mickey and a two-four.
  41. Canada is also responsible for some of the world’s greatest inventions. Like the baseball glove.
  42. Also, not surprisingly, it was a Canadian who came up with the hockey mask.
  43. Thanks to a wise Canadian we have the egg carton for easier transport.
  44. The foghorn was also invented in Canada.
  45. The paint roller is a time-saver that came to be in Canada.
  46. The Robinson screwdriver is another tool coming from Canada.
  47. Insulin was a life-saving invention from Canadian Fredrick Banting.
  48. And, surprisingly, pineapple on pizza.
  49. There’s also some great things that you will only find in the Great North – not least of all, the mighty Mountie.
  50. There’s the classic bagged milk. Only in Canada.
  51. Chocolate bars are plentiful just about anywhere in the world, but only Canada offers such decadent treats as the Caramilk bar, Coffee Crisp, Crispy Crunch and Smarties.
  52. We also have Kraft Dinner, the laziest, easiest way to get a bowl of mac and cheese.
  53. Other delicious Canadian foods like the Ketchup Chips, Nanaimo bars, tortiere and beavertail.
  54. We look forward to Roll-Up-The-Rim even though we never win.
  55. We spell things CORRECTLY!
  56. It’s colour, not color
  57. Cheque not check
  58. And centre not center
  59. We also have some great, great music for people of all tastes.
  60. Like great modern rock? Sam Roberts, Hey! Rosetta and Matt Mays.
  61. Folk music? Gordon Lightfoot and Leonard Coen.
  62. Want to bust out a power ballad? Bryan Adams Celine Dion and April Wine.
  63. Fantastic female singers like Alanis Morissette, Diana Krall, Shania Twain, Sarah McLachlan, and K.D Lang.
  64. Legends like Joni Mitchell, Paul Anka, The Band, Neil Young and Anne Murray.
  65. Pop music like Justin Beiber, Carly Raye Jepsen, Drake, and The Weeknd.
  66. As well as amazing groups like The Tragically Hip, Bare-naked Ladies and Rush.
  67. The Westboro Baptist Church, that hateful and confrontational group, is wisely banned from Canada.
  68. And being a Jedi is a recognized religion.
  69. We have some of the best seafood around.
  70. Bacon-wrapped scallops.
  71. Lobster rolls.
  72. Fish and chips.
  73. Salmon any way you wanna cook it.
  74. Canada is the most educated country in the world.
  75. Our colourful money makes paying for things much more fun.
  76. We have the best national anthem.
  77. Our beer tastes like beer.
  78. Our great Canadian parks which are offering free admission this year.
  79. Our flag is simple and beautiful
  80. Our adorable prime minister.
  81. The Group of Seven – providing great art for our country.
  82. Progressive human rights.
  83. Newfoundland:
  84. Even if you don’t know anyone on the province, you will immediately feel welcome.
  85. You can experience the thrill and disgust of getting “screeched-in”.
  86. The interesting and beautiful fishing villiages.
  87. George Street is a great way to spend a night.
  88. Nova Scotia:
  89. Halifax is a perfect seaside city with enough excitement without being overwhelming.
  90. The Cabot Trail is one of the best drives you can find.
  91. So much rich history to explore here.
  92. The craft beer boom has been good to Nova Scotia.
  93. New Brunswick:
  94. The only place you can find the bilingual street signs.
  95. Exploring the Acadian culture.
  96. The Bay of Fundy and Hopewell Rocks.
  97. The French-English dynamic is a great representation of Canada as a whole.
  98. Prince Edward Island:
  99. This tiny province compact so much beauty into it’s space.
  100. Home of Anne of Green Gables.
  101. Cavendish is home to some wonderful beaches.
  102. No plastic bottles!
  103. Quebec:
  104. Some wonderful French-Canadian culture
  105. Montreal is one of the most beautiful cities on Earth.
  106. The fantastic smoke meat sandwiches.
  107. Quebec City is home to some wonderful winter scenery as well as the old feel,
  108. Ontario:
  109. Toronto is the New York City of Canada.
  110. Ottawa is the hub of Canadian politics.
  111. Niagra Falls is cheezy but enjoyable.
  112. Thousand Islands
  113. Manitoba:
  114. A surprising abundance of festivals, from jazz to fashion.
  115. It’s really, really clean.
  116. It’s the beginning of the prairies but full of their own beautiful scenery.
  117. They’re really excited to have the Jets back.
  118. Saskatchewan:
  119. Super easy to draw.
  120. Saskatoon is the patio capital of Canada.
  121. The flatness of the province is surprisingly charming.
  122. Lakes rivers and pond hockey.
  123. Alberta:
  124. Banff and Jasper are amazing resorts
  125. Two hockey teams!
  126. Calgary Stampede
  127. West Edmonton Mall
  128. British Columbia:
  129. It’s diverse population.
  130. Wine country.
  131. Vancouver Island.
  132. Great surfing.
  133. Vancouver is a foodie’s heaven.
  134. Northwest Territories:
  135. Months of endless light.
  136. The auroras.
  137. Amazing wildlife.
  138. Fantastic campsites.
  139. Yukon:
  140. Some of the best biking trails you’re likely to find.
  141. Just about any outdoor activity from canoeing to kayaking, to horseback riding can be found.
  142. Fascinating history.
  143. Fascinating museums.
  144. Nunavut:
  145. The newest addition to Canada.
  146. No roads.
  147. It is beautiful.
  148. It now has a Tims.
  149. While not always the case, Canadians are by-and-large a very welcoming and accepting people.
  150. Whatever religions, race, gender, orientation or background they might come from, Canadians come together to be a wonderful group of people that makes this country so great.

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