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11 Of The Most Unusual Hotels In The World

February 13, 2018

When you’re looking to plan your next travel experience, where you stay is usually not one of the more exciting decisions. For a lot of vacations, the hotel is just a necessity and the best deal is usually the biggest factor in your decision. However, there are some hotels around the world where the hotel stay is an adventure enough in itself. These accommodations are not content with providing a few nights sleep, they want to give their guests a truly unique experience. Have a look at some of the most unusual hotels out there and plan your next getaway accordingly.

Capsulevalue Kanda – Tokyo, Japan

Given the population density of Japan (and especially Tokyo) is only makes sense that they would try to make the most with the room they have. So if you’re not overly concerned about staying in spacious rooms, this might appeal to you. Instead of the usual hotel rooms, here they offer capsule room – think human-sized cupboards. They are advertised as a (male only) budget option for travellers. Not recommended for claustrophobes.

Das Park Hotel – Linz, Austria

Offering a little more room than the above hotel, this Austrian lodge seems to be actively trying to make a hotel out of the least appealing factors. Round room sound appealing? You’re in luck. Does concrete sound comfortable to you? Well how about a whole room made out of it? Ever dream of staying the night in an oversized sewage pipe? Didn’t think so. And yet, they’ve cleaned the pipes out nicely and these rooms don’t look half bad.

El Cosmico – Texas, USA

If there is a theme among these first few entries on this list, it seems to be the subverting of luxury hotels and purposely going for the opposite. Case in point, this American hotel that offers visitors the chance to live out that vacation dream of staying in a trailer. To be fair, they do seem like lovely trailers.

Hotel Marqués De Riscal – La Rioja, Spain

This hotel might seem rather normal, if even higher end than most, if you were staying outside. It is the view from outside that reveals its uniqueness. That’s because this is the first and only hotel designed by renowned architect, Frank Gehry. If you’re unfamiliar with Gehry’s work, he has been called the most important architect of our age and his warped and distinct designs defy description. Certainly, a hotel you’d have to see to believe.

Jumbo Stay – Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Sweden

That’s right, this hotel is located at an airport. Not near an airport, but at the airport. Before your mind begins to get carried away with speculation, let me just confirm that, yes, it is inside an airplane. A jumbo jet to be more accurate, this limited space hotel offers guest what is likely the most comfortable place experience they’ll ever have.

Kakslauttanen Hotel – Saariselkä, Finland

If you’re looking to stay at this hotel, you’ll need to plan accordingly as it is only open for select times during the year. More specifically, the times of the year when the Northern Lights can be seen. And for very good reason. This location offers visitors glass-domed rooms looking up into the night’s sky to experience one of nature’s most unbelievable sights.

The Liberty – Boston, Massachusetts, USA

While The Liberty might sound like a appropriately elegant name for a swanky hotel, it’s safe to say they were having a bit of fun when they named this one. As it turns out, this particular hotel used to be a maximum-security prison. While they cleared out the ne’er-do-wells and fancied things up, once you know about its history, it’s hard not to ignore. And that only makes it that much more fun.

Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort – Huzhou Shi, China

Like the Frank Gehry-designed Hotel Marqués De Riscal, you might not think of anything special about this hotel once you’re inside it. It’s upscale, beautiful and has every comfort you could want, but certainly doesn’t seem like one of the most unusual hotels in the world. But when you learn the nickname for this hotel is “The Donut” you start to get a sense of its inclusion here.

SiloStay – Little River, New Zealand

Based solely off the name, what do you think this hotel is? Take a wild guess. Nope, it’s a silo. Some crazy people decided to hollow out a bunch of silos and turn them in a hotel. Billed as an eco-friendly retreat for the hustle and bustle, this odd but very accommodating destination is the perfect place to reconnect with yourself.

Skylodge Adventure Suites – Sacred Valley, Peru

Once again, the story here is laid out pretty clearly in the name. These rooms are quite simply glass pods on the side of a mountain overlooking the Sacred Valley in Peru. You can either zipline hike to the room or climb. A dream hotel for those who are always seeking a better view, and a nightmare for anyone afraid of heights.

Utter Inn – Lake Mälaren, Sweden

Certainly the most exclusive hotel on this list and, like the Skylodge, it’s not that easy to get to. Catch a boat to take you out to the hotel which boats a single room. And that room is in the middle of water. You get a relaxing room with some small kitchen amenities and then when it’s time to sleep you head down to your room 3 feet below sea level.

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