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10 Helpful Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Your iPhone

October 22, 2015

Millions of people around the world own iPhones. Maybe you’re one of those people that goes out and buys every new iteration of the product every couple years, or if you’re happy sticking with the same trusty iPhone 4. The iPhone can certainly be a helpful tool and it has so many cool abilities. But chances are, you’re not fully aware of everything your iPhone can do for you. We’ve but together a list of some of the coolest, less-know things that the iPhone can do. None of these tricks will change your life, but they can certainly be handy in the day-to-day use of your phone.

 1. “Airplane Mode” charges it faster

We’ll start with an easy one. Heading out but you’re iPhone is nearly dead? Save some time by switching your iPhone to airplane mode and plugging it in. It charges much faster. Just be sure to switch airplane mode off once it’s charged.

2. Have your read your texts to you

Having trouble reading your text? A quick change to your settings can allow your phone to read your texts aloud to you. Simply head into your Settings, then General, and turn Speak Selection on. Now whenever you highlight text, on option for “Speak” will appear.

3. Improve your photography skills

Most people don’t see iPhones as a quality picture taking device, but it has more photography capabilities than you might think. For instance, you can take a better photo of a moving object using the burst mode on your camera. Just hold down the capture button when taking a picture for a series of quick, successive shots.

4. Shake out your mistakes

If you’re writing an email and you make a mistake or want to start over, give your iPhone a quick shake. A box will then appear asking if you’d like to undo your typing. It’s a quick and easy fix.

5. Use alternative buttons for taking pictures

Have you ever tried taking a picture with your iPhone when you can’t see the capture button on your screen? It’s not always so easy to tap that little button while trying to set up a nice photo. Next time, use the volume buttons on your phone. Whenever the camera app is open, the volume buttons can be used to take photos.

6. Use letters for your passcode

When it comes to passwords, some people prefer numbers and some prefer letters. The iPhone gives you the option of either. To switch your passcode to letters, go into Settings, then General, and Password Lock. Then turn off Simple Passcode and give your new passcode with the full keyboard at your disposal.

7. Your iPhone can be a level

Putting up a shelf but don’t have a level handy? You do if you have an iPhone. Go into the Compass app which goes standard with your phone, then simply swipe left for a brand new level.

8. Create short-cuts in your typing

Do you have certain phrases that you’re constantly writing? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a shorter way to write out those phrases? You’re in luck. If you head into your trusty Settings, and then to keyboard, you’ll find a section for text shortcuts. Write the phrase you’d like shortened, the write the shortcut you’d like to use. It could be a word, or a couple letters, or even an emoticon. It’s not lazy, it’s just efficient.

9. See exactly when texts were sent

Sometimes when you go looking through your text history you’ll find a text and have no idea when it was sent. No need to make wild guesses. Just swipe the text box to the side and the date and time the text was sent will appear.

10. Set an alarm to turn off your music

Some people like to listen to music or an audiobook to help them fall asleep. But it can be quite annoying to fall asleep before turning the music off, then you having playing the whole night or waking you up in the middle of the night thanks to a particularly loud song. Avoid this by adding a timer which turns off your music. Head into your Clock app and set a timer for the desired length, then click “When Timer Ends” and instead of choosing a customized alarm, click “Stop Playing”.




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