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Contract recuitment agency

What is a contract recruiter and how can they help you

November 25, 2022

Contract recruiters mitigate risk

  • Contract recruiters find talent fast
  • They help companies source talent without risk of full-time hires
  • Ideation and innovation can result from contract recruits
  • They cost less than traditional recruiters
  • Contract recruiters can access in-demand talent not available elsewhere


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With economic uncertainty in the air, employers are reconsidering hiring plans to mitigate risk.

This presents a problem for organizations. Even during an economic downturn, they must press on with growth plans and other key goals like environmental sustainability.

A hiring freeze or layoffs will make these efforts more challenging. Without the right talent, growth will be more difficult to achieve. Talent is the key to navigating uncertainty and continuing growth.

How are contract recruiters different?

Contract recruiters offer a third way to organizations that are hungry for talent and aware of economic challenges.

Whereas a traditional recruiter sources candidates for full-time jobs, a contract recruiter searches for and vets talent for fractional, interim and project-based roles.

This service offers organizations short-term talent without the long-term cost and commitment of a full-time hire.

What are the advantages of a contract recruiter?

  1. Speed – Contract recruiters can find and vet talent fast. They have relationships with professionals in their database and they understand the areas of expertise. They can react quickly to give the employer a selection of candidates. 
  2. Risk Mitigation – When the economic future is unknown and sectors like tech are shedding workers, an organization may not want to take the risk of a full-time hire. Having a relationship with a contract recruitment firm can reduce the risk level while offering talent solutions.
  3. Ideation and Innovation – In times of change, organizations need new ideas. There is nothing like a fresh infusion of talent to inject new thinking and different approaches. Collisions of ideas promote innovation and that can result in pleasant surprises. Contract talent brings wider perspectives to an organization without the baggage of internal politics and vest interests. 
  4. Reduced costs of hires – A contract recruiter costs less than recruiters of permanent talent. Their pricing models tend to be flat rates depending on the sector so an organization can keep a tighter rein on hiring costs. Because contractors are not permanent, benefits costs associated with full-time talent are also managed. 
  5. In-demand talent wants contract work – Shifts in talent expectations have resulted in more leaving full-time jobs and entering the freelance market. Even if a company wants to hire full-time, the talent may not be available for a permanent role. The freelance market becomes an attractive source of subject matter experts. 

Making relationships with contract recruiters is key

Organizations anticipating new hires need strong and trusting relationships with recruiters who can provide the talent they need. Contract recruiters can meet an organization’s needs quickly and cost-effectively. 

Contract recruiters offer talent for:

  1. Fractional roles – This is an open-ended contract and can be a long-term relationship for multiple projects. Fractional talent is sought after for specific experience or skill sets and often works in executive roles.
  2. Interim roles – These are full-time roles that work for a defined period of time often filling a gap temporarily when a leader or executive exits.
  3. Project roles – This contractor is a subject matter expert that is required to complete a project. A project role is usually configured for a defined period of time. 

  4. Full-time contracts – If a contract worker adds value, a company may choose to make the contract full-time and permanent.

If a company knows the depth and breadth of a contract recruiter’s talent database, it can acquire talent efficiently and reduce the lag time and cost of a hire.

SeasonedPros.ca is an on-demand business talent source. Clients with an immediate need for experienced talent trust us to source professionals for project, interim and part-time roles. Each professional in our national database has 20 + years of business experience. We provide our clients 2-4 four vetted professionals in 10 business days or less.

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