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“What Do I Do Next?” Is Not A Scary Question

October 26, 2016

Fear of change is an understandable emotion. We get used to how things are, the comfortable routine and the secure nature of our lives. Therefore, it’s normal to have some anxiety when faced with the question of what to do next. Maybe change has been forced upon you, or maybe you realized you’re no longer content with the same-old. In any case, change can be a positive. And for boomers, it’s a time for opportunity.

Above everything else, it must be said that boomers are a determined generation. That determination is helping to shape today’s job market and beyond. As their generation neared retirement age, what did boomers do? They ignore it and single-handedly changed the modern definition of retirement. For years now, boomers have refused to let their age dictate what they would do. So why let an uncertain future be any more effective at stopping you?

For boomers, the question shouldn’t be “what do I do next” but rather “what do I want to do next”. Sure, you have to be realistic and there are financial responsibilities to think of, but after working so hard your whole life why not take the opportunity to pursue something that makes you happy. Whatever for your passion may take and whether it means a new career, your own business or retirement, you owe it to yourself to explore the possibilities. This doesn’t need to be the time in your life when you slow down, it should be the time were you choose your own speed.

We’ll all face that question at some point in our lives. When it’s your turn to ask, fight against that natural feeling of panic and allow yourself to consider all the opportunities before you.

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