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The SeasonedPros safety net to the rescue

June 16, 2022

By Heather MacGregor

Sales Manager


It’s late Friday afternoon, you’re just about to logout for the weekend when the dreaded late afternoon call comes through.  

The CFO that has been with the company for the past 15 years has resigned. Suddenly, your relaxing weekend has been replaced with a heavy burden of dread as you realize how difficult it is to recruit qualified executive level candidates in the current labour market.   

This is a scenario that is happening more than ever in corporations across the country.  As a niche service that specializes in interim executive and management placements, we think of ourselves as a corporate safety net that comes to the rescue when you need us.

National database provides rapid response

Our database of seasoned professionals gives our clients peace of mind that we are there for them in times of crisis. 

We take pride in our ability to provide two-to-four quality candidates within 10 days, so that business can continue as usual.

We have helped many clients fill a role with our rapid response. 

Here is one example

“We needed a part-time c-suite executive and SeaonedPros was able to provide us with highly-qualified candidates within four business days. Within a few weeks we had interviews completed and a signed offer. I would highly recommend SeasonedPros for their efficient turnaround, professional service and their ability to supply well-qualified candidates.” said Chris Cowper-Smith, CEO, Spring Loaded Technologies Inc

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