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The Importance Of Having A Support System

April 12, 2018

Boomers are an independent group. It’s an aspect many of them seem to take pride in, and for good reason. Boomers, now entering a certain age bracket, are constantly told they are getting old and how their aging is going to create such a burden for the rest of society. So it’s not a surprise this very strong-willed and healthy generation want to push back against such notions and prove they can take care of themselves.

Independence is something to be cherished but it can also be a weakness. In the end, everyone needs support of some kind whether they want to admit it or not. Pride can cloud that realization and cut you off from the immense and important benefits of a healthy support system. We all go through ups and downs in our life. What is important is not that we can lift ourselves up without help, it’s that we can lift ourselves up successfully. Having those relationships around you for those tough times is not making yourself vulnerable, but quite the opposite. These relationships harden you to such experiences and while they might not take away the pain, they help you get through the pain.

Be aware of how these support systems can help you.

Staying healthy.

Your own healthy should be no one’s responsibility than your own. If you are of sound mind and body, then there should be no reason someone else is looking out for your own wellness. As true as that is, we all know that’s not going to stop others from taking special interest in how you are doing. Your loved ones will always be looking out for you in this respect, just like you are with their health. By acknowledging this, you can allow these trusted loved ones to be honest and helpful with your health when it might not be your own top priority. Under certain circumstances, we can sometimes neglect such important aspects of our lives. It is our support system that knocks us back on the right path. It can be uncomfortable but necessary. You want to be able to rely on yourself to maintain a healthy life and part of that means surrounding yourself with the people that can help with that.

Staying motivated.

Motivation is a key in life. Throughout the difficult times and in seemingly insurmountable obstacles we face, finding the strength to move forward is essential. Needless to day it is not always easy to conjure that motivation. Some have the means necessary to convince themselves to go to the gym daily, to eat healthy, to go for that job that seems so out of reach. But for most, for big and small aspects of life, motivating themselves is a challenge. Whether in your career or regular life, there will be bumps along the way. Even the best of life is not without its share of disappointment, loss and upset. While there’s no way to avoid the unpleasant aspects of life, you can motivate yourself to rise above them. Having a support system strengthens that motivations. Those times when you need an extra push, when you need help seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, your support system is there. Even if you can push yourself there, it can be strengthening to know you’re not going at it alone.

Staying connected.

No matter your age, staying connected with society is important. There has been much reported on the fact that boomers, in search of remaining independent, tend to isolate themselves in retirement. It is at this time when remaining social is of the utmost importance. When people remove themselves from the workforce, it can sometimes cut many of the social ties they have. A strong support system maintains your connection to others and keeps you engaged no matter your work situation. If there is something boomers hold as more important than independence, it’s staying engaged.

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