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Nervous Flyer? Here Are 6 Tips To Dealing With Flying Anxiety

July 31, 2018

Being a nervous flyer is not uncommon. But you shouldn’t let your anxiety stop you from seeing the world. 

Though a common mode of travel now, there is still something very uneasy about flying in an airplane. It doesn’t seem to make sense that such a large and complicated piece of machinery can stay up in the air without incident. Despite the fact that it’s very rare for something to go wrong, this remains a very real fear for many. Maybe you yourself are a nervous flyer. If not, you probably know one or two of them. Some are so put off by the experience of flying that it prevents them from taking part in travel opportunities. That’s a real shame, but also understandable if flying causes you such discomfit.

However, there are ways to make flying a more tolerable experience. If you’re a nervous flyer, you might not hope to ever enjoy the experience, but you can at least deal with your nerves in a way that allows you to not miss out. While there are doctor-prescribed medicines that can help cope with flying, we’ll be focusing on tips and tricks you can do yourself to help you slowly but surely overcome your fear.

Get in the right mental state.

Sometimes when I’m facing a situation that makes me uncomfortable or nervous, I like to put it out of my mind as long as possible. I’m sure many of us have done the same thing in certain situations, and some of you might use this technique with flying. However, it is a mistake to try and avoid something you know you’ll have to deal with eventually. If you try to ignore that you’re going on a plane, once you must confront the reality of the situation, it can be far more difficult to deal with. Instead, get yourself in the right mindset. Prepare yourself mentally with the fact that you’re going to be flying, then deal with your reaction to that fact. This will help you to highlight what makes you the most nervous, as well as give you an opportunity to work on some methods of calming yourself.

Make comfort a priority.

Flying can be a fairly uncomfortable experience even if you don’t have a specific fear of the practice. Especially on those long flights, being cooped up for so long in a small space can be frustrating. If you’re a nervous flyer, this only adds to your displeasure. Therefore, you should do everything in your power to make yourself comfortable. If that means upgrading your seat, consider spending a little more. Choose seats as close to the front of the plane as possible, as turbulence is more bearable in these seats. Dress comfortably (within reason), take any comfort items you can and you may find the experience isn’t so bad.

Understand turbulence is normal.

One of the worse things for your nerves on a plane is the turbulence. It’s likely what causes most people to become nervous flyers. When you’re in a plane, flying thousands of feet above the ground, sudden drops and instability can cause alarm. However, take it from the professionals that there is nothing to be concerned about. Pilots say that turbulence is just a regular part of flying and offers no real danger. Think of it like if you were driving on a paved road, then turned on to a gravel road. It would be a bit bumpy, but nothing to fear. Pilots advise as long as passengers as seated with their seatbelts on, turbulence in not something to worry about.


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Avoid coffee and alcohol.

Being in the right mindset is the best way to deal with your fear of flying. You need to be able to think clearly and rationally to keep your emotions in control. To achieve this, that means avoiding coffee and alcohol on the flight. A lot of travellers think such drinks will help to calm their nerves, but it often has the opposite effect. Coffee and alcohol can cloud your mind, make you more on edge and cause your mind to jump to conclusions. Stick with water and keep your mind in the right place.

Bring distractions.

Entertainment is something all travellers should plan for on the plane, but especially nervous flyers. Brings something to read, watch or listen to can help keep you distracted during the flight. The less time you’re thinking about how nervous you are on the plane, the more bearable the experience will be. Not only that, but bringing some distractions will help the time go faster. Watch a couple movies and before you know it, you’re landing at your destination without incident. Don’t rely on inflight entertainment, but plan you own instead. Keep your time on the plane occupied the whole thing will go a lot smoother.

Use meditation techniques.

Meditation is used by many people as a method for relieving anxiety, including a fear of flying. Unfortunately, it is also still dismissed by many others. Older generations seem to have even more skepticism about the validity of meditation. However, if your flying anxiety is holding you back from travelling, don’t you think this is worth a try? There are many different styles of mediation and you’ll have to find the one that works best for you. Be open-minded and allow yourself to try this technique. Who knows, it could be the miracle solution you’ve been looking for.

As with any anxiety, there’s nothing to be ashamed of for being a nervous flyer. But that doesn’t mean you have to let it control your life. Seek out ways of coping with your fears and embrace the joys of travelling worry-free.


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