We are Canada's Recruiter for Seasoned Professionals

We are Canada's Recruiter for Seasoned Professionals

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Fastest Canadian Placement Agency

Our proprietary recruiting platform and national database of vetted SeasonedPros enable us to guarantee 2-4 qualified candidates in 10 business days or less – at a fraction of the cost of traditional headhunters and recruitment agencies.

We provide executive recruiting services, management recruiting, mentors and advisors for organizations of all sizes including not-for-profit and government agencies. When you need to hire a project manager on contract, quickly fill an interim or permanent executive role, or get expert advice and mentorship for your emerging leaders, we deliver SeasonedPros who are immediately ready to help.

We truly believe that hiring qualified experience doesn’t have to be difficult.

Recruitment Services

Executive Search
Whether you need to hire a full time executive or fill an interim leadership role, we deliver experienced professionals faster than a traditional headhunter or executive staffing agency.

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Hire Management
Need to hire a project manager? We partner with organizations to help them hire management in vital part-time, project-based and full-time positions.

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Developmental Programs

Virtual Mentoring Programs
Our mentorship programs are designed to personally and professionally develop emerging and current leaders.

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Virtual Advisers
When you just need a little advice or guidance from an expert, our experienced Virtual Advisers provide short-term advice and guidance to organizations.

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For Seasoned Professionals

Showcase your experience and identify your interests for potential engagements from the best employers without compromising the life you’ve earned.

Complete a free profile in minutes to access project based and part-time to full-time employment, executive, advisory, mentorship and volunteering opportunities.

What is a SeasonedPro?

A SeasonedPro is someone who has over 20 years of experience who wants to continue to contribute to organizations and community.

A SeasonedPro will help your organization in filling vital part-time, project based, contract, and full-time positions. Their extensive experience will have a positive impact on your organization from the day they walk through the doors!