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Get Some Sleep

August 18, 2015

Sleep is important. That’s an understatement and probably an unnecessary one. Everyone has heard that it’s doctor recommended to get eight hours sleep every night in order to function at your full potential. And, as well known as that advice is, there’s an overwhelming amount of people that just don’t abide by that recommendation. Some feel that eight hours would constitute over-sleeping and is just not needed for a fully grown adult. Others feel like they simply can’t fit eight hours of sleep into their schedule. The busyness of their life makes the thought of such a long, uninterrupted period without working impossible. You many feel like a go-getter, cutting back on your sleep to get some extra work done. You may think that all these extra hours will earn you a promotion, but you could be doing more harm to yourself, and your job, than you realize.

The Huffington Post delves into the consequences a lack of sleep can cause, and productivity isn’t one of them. Research has shown that operating on only 4 hours sleep is akin to consuming a six-pack of beer. Not exactly the proper state to be in at the office, is it? The mindset of pulling all-nighters to complete work has been said to cost businesses millions of dollars in loss of productivity. The importance of sleep is no myth and if you want success as work, you should learn to get a good night’s rest. So if you look at sleep as a waste of time, or just have problem sleeping, then check out the Huffington Post’s tips for sleeping your way to a normal and productive life.

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