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Boomers Embracing Adventure In Their Travels

December 17, 2018

Age isn’t going to slow down these adventurous travellers.

What do you look for in your ideal getaway? Chances are that it is unique to your own interests and comforts, but it might also be surprising to others. While most people think of sandy beaches and sight-seeing when talking about travel, but for some, vacation means adventure. And despite what the general perception might be, a lot of those adventure-seekers are boomers.

Anyone who looks at this older generation as inactive or slow-paced must not know many boomers. This age group has maintained their level of activity moreso than any generation that came before and they still show little sign of slowing down. That sense of adventure has now translated to their travel habits as well with one of the largest growing trends among boomer travellers being thrill-seeking experiences. Here are just a few of the adventures boomers are getting involved in:


We’re not talking about drifting down the lazy river here. This is extreme and challenging white water rafting. You and your team strap on some helmets and life vests and try to come out on top of mother nature as you tackle raging rapids. It may just look like you’re getting tossed around, but there’s a considerable amount of skill involved in stay afloat and it can be dangerous as the water gets extremely tough and there’s plenty of rocks. There are several great locations in Canada, from B.C. to Nova Scotia.


Some boomers are just fine with keeping both feet on the ground, but there’s a considerable number of them who are always looking to experience new heights. Skydiving is becoming a very popular activity with this group, as terrifying as the concept might be to some people. There are a variety off ways to experience it, but the most common, for beginners especially, seems to be the tandem jump. This is where you’re strapped in with an experienced skydiver and jump out of a plan… and just fall for a while! Of course, there’s eventually a parachute to catch you. Scary to think about but those who have had the courage to do it rave about the experience.


There’s something about boomers that draws them to the skies apparently. While not as popular as skydiving, paragliding is starting to catch on with many. Like skydiving, when starting out, you most likely to paired with someone with experience. Unlike skydiving, you’ll be starting with both feet on the ground, then take a running start off a high point and let the parachute do the rest.


The beach is often reserved for those who know how to relax, but as we’ve seen, there aren’t too many boomers who have mastered that skill. So while the rest of us are soaking up the sun, they are out on the ocean trying to tame some waves. Surfing is an extremely difficult activity, one that requires a lot of practice and coordination, but from all accounts, the payoff is well worth the time you put into it.


Canada obviously has some truly beautiful ski hills and you’d think that the excitement of tackling one of those giants would be enough. But there is a way to take the thrills up another notch. Heli-skiing, available in some of the bigger hills in Western Canada, has you lifted via helicopter to the highest possible point to safely ski and then you jump out right out the hill and head back down.

Rock Climbing

While skydiving, paragliding and heli-skiing takes the bravery to leap off of create heights, rock climbing takes a whole other level of bravery to physically bring yourself to these dizzying heights. Apart from the bravery, rock climbing takes an immense and specific set of skills. It requires great strength, precision and patience to accomplish it safely. Certainly, you’d be hard-pressed to find too many more fulfilling physical achievements.

Mountain Biking

Of course, the old-fashioned bike ride can be a great, but some boomers might find that just a little too slow speed for their tastes. Mountain biking takes that quaint activity into the extreme sports arena. There are great trails to be found all over, and while a good mountain bike can cost you as much as a car in some cases, it’s a trilling time in the great outdoors.


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