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7 Tips For Saving Time On Short Trips

September 25, 2018

Learn what you need to make the most of your time on those quick trips.

It is possible to have a fun-filled getaway even if you only have a few days to spare. It can be a whirlwind experience but that just adds to the fun of the whole adventure. The trick is to find those ways to save as much time as possible so none of it goes to waste. Here’s some tips for how to use every last second of your weekend trip.

Plan your itinerary.

If you’re flying on your weekend getaway, that flight can really eat up a good bit of your time. While we normally plan out our flights based on what’s the cheapest option, when time is short, it’s best to pick the flights that will get your there the fastest and the earliest.

Pack light.

The good thing about short trips is that you don’t need to bring a lot with you. Some toiletries, a couple changes of clothes and that’s just about all you need. That can certainly save you a lot of time at the airport. Avoid having to check your bags and go with just the carry-on. That will make getting around a whole lot easier.

Figure out transportation.

Once you arrive, you don’t want to be stuck in the back of a taxi in the middle of traffic. Find the fastest and easiest ways of getting around. Get to know the subway routes and you’ll be able to make your way all around the city in a breeze. Car service apps are also a good thing to check out if you’re in the bigger cities.

Know your area.

Picking the right place to stay while you’re on a short trip is essential. You might find a nice affordable hotel but if you’re having to travel to the center of the city every time you want to do something the is it really worth it? Figure out your plan for the weekend, then try to stay somewhere in the area that makes getting around as easy as possible.

Have meals planned.

A bit of research ahead of time can really help to save time – especially when it comes to meal time. When you’re on vacation, it can be easy just to wander around until you find something that looks good. That can be nice, but to maximize your time, plan your meal spots ahead of time so you’re not left looking.

Explore what you want, skip the rest.

In just about every city you’ll visit, there will be the so-called “must-see” attractions. Sometimes these are really worth checking out — sometimes not so much. Don’t feel tied to the must-sees. Your time is short so fill it with whatever you’re actually interested in rather than what you think you’re supposed to be interested in.

Don’t rush yourself.

Even with time as tight as it is, you still want to enjoy yourself. If you’re really enjoying one particular experience, don’t drag yourself away just because the schedule says so. Adapt and change accordingly. It’s your time – spend it however you want.


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