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7 Amazing Canadian Museums To Visit

November 28, 2017

Looking for your next travel plans but are sick of all the usual scenes and sights? Looking for something a little more mentally stimulating during your next trip? Why not explore some of our country’s very best museums. From seas to shining sea, Canada has a number of exciting and educational museums that will entertain people of all ages. You can learn of the nation’s history, explore the mysteries of the world or appreciate some of the great art of the world. Have a look at just a few Canadian museums worth visiting.

Royal BC Museum (Victoria)

One of the greatest archives of collections of Canada’s historical treasures. This provincial history museum allows its visitors to gain some insights into the culture and life that existed in British Columbia over the years of its existence. Some of the standout features of the museum include the First Peoples, Natural History and Modern History Galleries, all of which offer a unique glimpse into the past.

Royal Tyrrell Museum (Drumheller)

Even at my age, whenever museums are mentioned my first thought is always dinosaur bones. Of course, museums extend far beyond my immature reaction, but Canada does offer a great option for anyone in search of such a museum. The Royal Tyrrell Museum is the nation’s only museum dedicated to the study of palaeontology. It features some of the largest displays of dinosaur bones and fossils in the world. There are also a number of educational activities to partake in as you explore the prehistoric world.

Canadian War Museum (Ottawa)

With Remembrance Day just passing, it is a fine reminder of who important it is to honour those who have fought and died for our country and find ways to keep their stories alive over the years. Ottawa’s Canadian War Museum is one of the most respected of its kind and a significant account of Canada’s military history. The museum features a massive collection of military artifacts, historical pieces and emphasises the human aspect of our country’s history of war.

Museum of Anthropology (Vancouver)

Being able to explore history in the way many museums let you, it provides a great opportunity to learn about cultures you are unfamiliar with. Certainly, in Canada, that opportunity should be seized when it comes to learning more about our First Nations’ cultures. This museum offers that glimpse into the history of a people we all need to learn more about. Featuring artwork and historical depictions of the First Nations in that area, as well as several other cultures.

Museum of Fine Arts (Montreal)

While art appreciation is not something everyone comes by honestly, to explore and immerse yourself in the creative world you can find yourself inspired in ways you weren’t expecting. That is what makes Canada’s most impressive collection of artwork such a must-see. Featuring tens of thousands of pieces of art — paintings, sculptures, graphic arts, photographs – it is an encyclopedic collection from any different areas and times in the world.

Halifax Citadel National Historic Site of Canada (Halifax)

There is so much interesting history to be experienced in all corners of the country and never too hard to find. For this exciting return to moments passed in Canada’s history, you need only head east and go to the heart of Halifax. There, with a beautiful view of the whole city, you can learn about the history of this impressive military fort and witness some of the exciting re-enactments. There are plenty of activities for different seasons, including ghost walk tours, all at the center of the Maritimes’ busiest city.

Hockey Hall of Fame (Toronto)

Of course, we can’t be discussing Canada without one obligatory hockey mention. And while it might seem cliched, this is a must-see for all fans of the sport. An entertaining, informative and exciting look back at the history of the game, celebrating some of the biggest turning points and defining moments as well as its most famous players.

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