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4 Natural Ways To Lower Your Blood Pressure

February 7, 2017

As you get older, there are a number of aspects of your health you really need to keep an eye on. One of the major risks boomers run into with their health is high blood pressure. When your blood pressure reaches elevated levels it puts you at risk for a number of serious health conditions, including heart attacks. However, with a conscious effort and dedication, you can lower your blood pressure and reduce such risks. While you doctor can best advise you on certain methods, including medication that can be used, here are a few natural ways you can begin to lower your blood pressure and live healthier.

Exercise regularly.

Of course, regular exercise is a must. A daily walk can be so beneficial for your health, not just your blood pressure, but so many other aspects of your health. Keeping up a consistent and regular exercise is extremely important as your blood pressure will rise once again if you don’t continue a strict exercise schedule. It doesn’t have to be arduous, but it does have to be regular.

Change your diet.

As with most health-related concerns, what you eat can have a major effect. This is very much the case with blood pressure as you diet is one of the biggest influencers with how it shakes out. Therefore, keeping a close eye on what you each is essential in lowering your blood pressure. Potassium can help with the lowering so it’s recommended eating plenty of bananas. In the same way, there are things you’ll nee to cut back on. Doctors recommend taking it easy on salt and alcohol when trying to lower your blood pressure.

Lose some weight.

Your waistline is a big contributor to high blood pressure so working hard to shrink the inches around your belt is always advisable. It is said that for men, a waistline over 40 inches is the risk area while with women, it’s 38 inches. Diet and exercise is the best way to slim down but you may want to look into getting some professional help. Be it a nutritionist, a trainer or just your doctor, don’t be afraid to seek a little advise on shaving off the pounds.

Destress yourself.

While the correlation between stress and blood pressure might be overplayed and doctors are still looking into the connection, there is a definite relation between the two. High stress can in fact increase your blood pressure even if only slightly. However, taking steps to eliminate stress or better deal with it can help you out in the long run. Try meditating or removing yourself from situations that cause you the most undue stress. It might seem like you have too much on your plate, but remember, your health comes first.

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